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100mA X Ray Machine
100mA X Ray Machines offered by us deserve praise for their numerous advanced features needed for fast and error free diagnosis and medical testing purpose. Available in different models, these easy to relocate medical systems require minimal voltage to function.

C Arm Machine
Available in X-tech brands, the C Arm machines are completely made in India and have an exposure time of 300 seconds. These are fixed (stationary) types of machines that have a high frequency generator with 9kW capacity.

Vertical Bucky Stand
Integrated with X-Ray units, these vertical bucky stands are used for conducting radiography of various parts of the human body. These space efficient medical equipment have an adjustable height. These also have a counter weight balance system.
Lead Barrier
Completely made in India, this lead barrier is an important product of the medical fraternity. Mainly used in hospitals, it has a steel frame and is portable in construction. It has a thickness of 5 mm and is available in the size of 6x3 feet.
Lead Apron
This lead apron is available in the brand X-tech and its material of construction is high grade vinyl. We are offering this apron in free size and so it fits everyone. Ideal for wearing in hospitals, this lead apron is fully waterproof.
Lead Glass
We are offering lead glass in the X-Tech brand, which is a testimony of quality. This product is very important, as it delivers protection from radiation exposure. The lead glass for x-ray also has tunable properties of chemical and optical.

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